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13.1 Miles, 25 States
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Welcome to Half2Run!

Join the Half2Run Challange!
Our mission? To run a half marathon in half the states!
And run 100 Half Marathons in total!

Why not run 50 states? We've got plenty of reasons. Think of all the places you've never dreamed of going to and never wanted to. By committing to only half the states, you can find 25 pretty nice places you want to visit.

Also, we love barefoot shoes for cycling and travel, running a full marathon makes it hard to enjoy the experience of a new city, you worry about not doing to much before … and can’t always do much after. The full marathon requires more taper and recovery time, not great if you love the daily run! It’s true, marathons cut into your running! With a half-marathon, an easy sightseeing run the day before and after the race are not out of the question, in fact, it might just be what the doctor ordered. Race half as far, run twice as much!

On race day, you'll be happy to see the finish line after 13.1 miles. The Party Can Start Early and there is time left in the day for more adventure!! You're done in half the time and if you're running in crummy weather- you're in it for half as long.

Don't get us wrong! 13.1 miles is a serious distance- less than 1% of the population can go that far! By the time you finish this, you'll have raced 327.5 miles and covered 25 states- it's a huge accomplishment!

People will exclaim ... "You're an athletic machine!"

Join us and start the journey of a lifetime … or at least a bunch of years!

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