List of UK Football Betting Sites

The game of football is arguably the most popular in this era and also attracts largest number of fans both on-spot and online. The act of staking money on favorite football team is not new but it has witnessed massive innovations recently. These days, you cannot go wrong supporting your beloved soccer team to the extent of staking your money while browsing football betting sites are listed on Interestingly, this game of football is widely loved by people all over the world for a very good purpose; the passion for the game is there and intact. The tension associated with watching live soccer match is extremely intriguing and this is partly one important reason the game is winning the heart of all living souls and shaping the world according to its own rhythm.

The unpredictability status of football creates interesting patterns of watching certain part of the game live online before placing a bet. There are so many benefits of UK betting sites in order to effectively bet on your loving football team and topmost on the list is the entry few minutes tense atmosphere of the game particularly top flight matches. In this case, punters take the advantage of predicting the score-line after seeing how his team could possibly curb the menace pose by the opponent thus creating a platform to make more money. In soccer betting, real money doesn’t drop in case the game ends in a draw. Therefore, a fixed odds and next goal-scorer also attract lots of betting during live online broadcast of matches. Professional bettors take full advantage of live matches to occasionally increase their bets while the game is still in-play and knowing perfectly well that their team is playing to win. Though this extra-ordinary method of staking money on football games favors punters who are sometimes afraid of losing it all, it also rake in a lot of incomes for live football betting sites because ‘the more the bet the more the revenue’.

Odds on Betting Sites

What do you understand by football betting odds? If you have never placed a bet, it is definite that you don’t know what this means. However, if you are a bettor or have ever placed a bet, you must have come across this term. Betting odds basically are figures which have being placed beside the different teams. There are normally three main odds placed beside the three main betting options, per football match. These betting odds are the; win odd by the host, draw odd and win odd by the visitor. Besides these odds, there are other minor odds included in the football betting sites. An example of a minor odd is the win – lose odd.

Reading the betting odds can be be quite difficult but here are some of the instructions that will help you in reading the odds and placing your bets effectively. The following is a clear guideline on how to do so;

  • 1. Check the figures beside you team’s name. These figures are actually the betting odds. Most online football betting sites present their odds in decimal or fraction forms. Examples of odds include 6/1, 1.5 and 1.2. The amount of cash you place for your bet will be multipled by the odd of the team you have placed your bet on. For instance if you have placed your bet on Arsenal and its winning odd is 2.4, your money will be multipled by 2.4, if you win the bet. You will therefore be awarded with 4.8 dollars, if you have placed a bet using 2 dollars.
  • 2. Make sure that you have paid attention to which side the numbers are. The numbers just beside you team are the odds your team has. If your team has the 1/6 odd, then it means that you have to invest in 6 dollars so that you can get an extra dollar. Such an odd is normally place on a team which has being matched against a less strong kind of team.
  • 3 Check for the ‘accumulator’ betting option
    Accumulator betting option is a betting option where you can place your bet for different teams at the same time using the same amount of money. It is often referred to as multibet. Accumulator betting options can make you reap great benefits though it may be hard to win on such bets.