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It's really pretty simple. Half2Run is a community-based competition (over 1,250 members as of June 2011). In order to compete, you'll need to register. Once you're a member, depending on the level of your membership, you can use all or a part of Half2Run features.

Let's take together a Half2Run tour, and see what it can do.

Member Profile. Well, for one thing, it can save your pretty smile and some unpretentious info on your very own little profile:


Hey, is it getting hot in here? No, it's your own race planner and race history, both ready for your input and consideration. Members with full rights will be able to read your profile, as you will be able to take a peek into others'. But how do you get all your information there?

Edit Your Profile. Well, part is your merit, since you can easily edit it:


And part - the work of forces that will unfold below...

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Find Races. One of the things you'll do in Half2Run is trip planning. You have 25 races to run, that means you'll need to pick some states and start booking some flights. To find races, look up the generous map that opens before your eyes...


Click the state that's of interest for you, and voila! a bunch of races that take place in that state will be displayed.


Notice that you'll get more information than just the race, including the number of runners that tried it and have something to say...

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Race Calendar. But what if you don't know what state you want to visit? Maybe you're like most people and have certain weekends when you're available to get out of town. In this case, a calendar view will show you all races availabale on the day of your choice.


Race Details. And what's hiding behind all these race links that you've been getting since the last three scrolls down? Here is the mystery unraveled:


Only members with full rights will be able to post comments, but we do ask that you keep in mind that putting on a race is a big undertaking.  "Things happen," and we have never known a race director to set out to put on a bad race or treat their runners poorly.  Please be respectful with your comments which are available for the public to read and draw conclusions.

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What we call a Pre-Race Blog is a small forum component attached to each race, where people with similar plans can share opinions about that particular event.

Add Races. We strongly believe that our collection of races is pretty impressive; but if you want to prove us wrong, you're free to add your own race! No, you will not need any hand-holding. Someone on the other side will review it, and in case you've run it, you'll be able to post results for that race soon.


Post Results. Talking about results - after you've completed a race, and when in need to record the event, here is the place to enter your honest but respectful comments and your finish time...



Remember, once you've run a race in a single state, you are welcome to record others. However, running two races in a state counts only once toward your goal of 25.

But enough said on races, how about runners?

Find Runners. You will find them just as easily as you found your races - by using your map. Michigan, anyone?


Remember that only full-rights members can benefit from each one of these features. However, the race and runner directories, as well as all comments and - what were you thinking? - the leaderboard, of course! are available.

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