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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you will have questions, so we have listed as many as we could think of here AND included some answers. If you should come up with any new ones, we would enjoy hearing from you. Anything asked will be answered... and the good ones will appear here.

  • General Half2Run Questions  ( 7 items )

    Do you want to know how much it costs to join half2run? Want to know what a prerace blog is all about? Anything that you would ask before you join we try to answer here.

  • Website Features  ( 10 items )
    This is where you'll find all the answers pertaining to the functionality of the website. Want to know how to log a race? How do you update your profile, change your password ... all that stuff is here.

  • Club Rules  ( 12 items )

    This is where you will find all the rules of our club. Things like "Do 2 person marathon relay's count?" "What about 3 person relays?" "What if my entire church group ran the thing, can I count that?"


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