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Half marathon finishers medals, stories, tips...got something to add?  We would love to hear from you!  Email tracey@runningfit.com


  • 25/25 FINISHERS!  ( 1 items )
    These talented, driven athletes have completed 25 half marathons in 25 states!
  • 100 HALF MARATHON FINISHERS!!  ( 1 items )
    These savvy, determined members have completed our 100 Half Marathon Challenge!
  • 13.1 Medals  ( 44 items )
    Check out the swag that you will receive by completing half marathon races around the country and world!
  • The Half2Read News  ( 104 items )
    The Half2Run weekly e-newsletter consists of upcoming race information, weekly trivia, member shout outs and more!
  • Ask the Expert  ( 11 items )
    Expert advice from the folks at Running Fit, www.runningfit.com a well known and respected running store in Michigan. 
  • Fun Training Runs  ( 2 items )
    Places we've found to run that are out-of-town, out-of-the-ordinary, or just plain out-there!
  • Members Stories  ( 49 items )
    Stories from you...Our faithful members!
  • Training  ( 19 items )
    Getting ready for a race?   We've been doing this for decades -- so we know stuff!   Also, we assume you know stuff too so if you have tips about how you have acheived great things it would tickle us tremendously for you to share some of your insight.
  • H2R News  ( 2 items )
  • Funny Stuff  ( 3 items )
    EVEYRONE has a funny story. "Remember the time I was arrested just 10 minutes before the gun sounded on the Dexter-Ann Arbor run?" (that's a real story by the way) So if you have something that makes other laugh, please share it. And... if it's really funny, we'll ask you to write more.
  • Technology  ( 1 items )
    Heartrate monitors, GPS loggers, shoes with tiny computers in them...  Can computers make you a better runner?  Likely not, but gadgets can be fun -- and fun counts too.
  • Race News  ( 17 items )
    Anything we hear or know about a race we'll post here.   Feel like plugging a race you plan to attend?   Well do it!    If you ran the race and know it's good we would very much like to hear what you thought of it -- or wait -- if it sucked, tell us that too.  We are not here to sugarcoat anything!
  • Gear  ( 2 items )
    Shoes, socks, shirts... or anything else you wear while you run

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